Central Processing Services

The Central Processing System™ was created over a period of several years as the need for our services grew.  We realized that our franchise owners all had very different skill sets, some were able to prepare Corporate Tax Returns, while others could not.  

The development of our National Accounts Program also created a demand for Central Processing to ensure our standards and consistency in reporting was met.

The conception and development of the Central Processing System changed the way services are provided to small business;

Our systems allow franchisees to focus on client relations and business development, while our team of processing specialists do the work.


How Does it Work?

The Central Processing System™ has also evolved over time, and we continue to perfect it.

The process is simple.

Collect information, documents, data files etc. from your clients, complete a checklist, upload everything to our secure, online collaboration tool and voila!  Our Team of Client Processing Specialists takes over.


The Central Processing System allows you to build your business, generating higher revenues, without having to worry about staffing issues!


Our Central Processing Team

Below are a few members of our Central Processing Team

at our 2019 Annual Conference

Our Central Processing Team