As a Ledgers Professional, you can offer your clients a comprehensive suite of services.

Far more services and support than any bookkeeper or firm can offer!

More Services = More Success

Services Offered by Ledgers Professionals

Accounting & Bookkeeping

A fundamental and basic need of every small business.  Sound bookkeeping leads to excellent year-end accounting and tax reporting.  No longer does the small business owner need a bookkeeper and an accountant, Ledgers does it all.

Business Plans & Budgets

Virtually any business that is seeking financing, whether traditional lending or from alternative sources, will need a business plan, financial projections and cash flow projections.

Over the years, Ledgers has prepared thousands of business plans, with a 98% financing success rate!

Corporate Income Tax

Every Incorporates small business in Canada must file an annual Corporate Tax Return, and in some jurisdictions, Provincial returns are also required.

The ‘firms’ are notorious for charging exorbitant amounts for Corporate Tax Return and Financial Statement Preparation, Ledgers provides this service to our clients at much fairer rates.

CRA Tax Defense

It is almost inevitable;  If you have a small business in Canada, at some point you are going to have issues with the CRA or other tax authorities.

Through our Strategic Partnership with Farber Tax Solutions, we have the ability to assist our clients in resolving these situations.

Learn more about our Strategic Partnerships here.

Incorporation's & Business Registrations

Everyday in Canada, hundreds of individuals start new businesses.  They all need to either incorporate or register their business with the local government.

Ledgers offers these services and incorporates hundreds of businesses each year;  each new incorporation and business registration is another new Ledgers Client!

Payroll & Related Services

Sooner or later, almost every small business is going to have employees;  paying employees correctly and on time is an extremely important function.

Our systems allow us to pay employees, remit taxes and post the entries seamlessly to the books.  Our additional Partners allow us to also offer Benefits, RRSP Programs and more.

Personal Income Tax

Every Canadian Citizen will, at some point have to file personal tax returns, which represents a very large, predictable, recurring revenue source each year for our franchise owners.

Providing this service also leads to referrals to additional clients for other services you can provide as a Ledgers Professional

Small Business Financing

Small business owners are almost always seeking financing for new equipment, renovations, inventory and working capital.  Of course, we all know how difficult it can be to get financing from the banks.

This is why we have a Strategic Partnership with Lending Loop, an alternative financing option.

No other Business Services Franchise offers the range of services that you can offer as a Ledgers Professional

More Services = More Revenue

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