It is the adaptation and use of technology that sets Ledgers apart from the others.

Our incredible Partnerships with APP providers give us a very powerful solution for small business.


Like everything else, systems and information evolve, but why has the Accounting Industry been so slow to adapt technology?

The answer is simple:  Being more efficient means less billable hours! The more efficient you are, the less you can charge your clients.  Right?

WRONG!  The Ledgers Model uses technology to our advantage; by utilizing the power and benefits of 100% cloud-based technology, we become more efficient every day.  And being more efficient increases our bottom line.  We can process more information in less time, while our fees to our clients remain the same.

We didn’t re-invent the wheel, we chose the best of the best and assembled them into the Ledgers System.

Our APP Partners


We work closely with several APP Partners and because of our size, not only do we get preferential pricing, but we have input into the development and addition of new features!

Intuit QuickBooks OnlineIntuit QuickBooks Online forms the central core of our 100% cloud-based system;

This powerful Bookkeeping APP allows us and our clients to access their financial information from virtually anywhere; email invoices, post payments, pay bills, process payroll and print reports.  Everything you need at your fingertips.


Receipt-Bank LogoReceipt-Bank gives our clients the ability to submit bills, collect receipts, sales invoices and then feeds them, through our cloud technology to QuickBooks Online, saving hours of data entry time!

Plooto Electronic PaymentsThe days of writing cheques are over!  This powerful APP allows our clients to pay virtually anyone, anywhere electronically.  No more mailing cheques, no postage, no envelopes, no hassle.  Plooto can also collect your Accounts Receivable!

TSheetsThousands of businesses use TSheets to track and manage employee time for payroll, invoicing, and scheduling. Millions of employees use TSheets for accurate timesheets and project tracking each day. TSheets is the best automated time tracking software for construction companies, landscaping businesses, small businesses, large businesses, and more.

Wagepoint payrollPayroll is an integral and highly important piece of any business.  The Wagepoint System pays employees, remits taxes, produces reports and more; the direct integration to QBO saves us time and eliminates the potential for data-entry errors.